5-Stars in Customer Satisfaction from Talk of the Town in 2012

2013 May press

#5 of New York's 8 Best Spots for Dim Sum


Voted #5 for best dim sum in New York City in Zagat’s restaurant survey

2013 Jan press

Top Chef picks us as one of "New York's Best Cheap Eats"

"Oriental Garden, Elizabeth Street. That’s where (chef) Fergus (Henderson) and I go with David Chang (of Momofuku) when we are in town. It’s good on a Sunday morning: Get your number and queue outside, even when it’s raining!" - Trevor Gulliver, top chef of St. John in London

2012 May press

We're a "Mouthwatering Chinese Restaurant"


"We’re curious to know how many Oriental Garden Chinese food restaurants there are in America. Regardless of the unoriginal name, if you like seafood, this is the numero uno spot, especially the Hometown Lobster and Razor Clams. And it has those fun fish tanks too!" - Refinery29

2011 Feb press

Grubstreet says you should celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with us


"The seafood restaurant features special dishes at lunch and dinner for the next two weeks. Opt for dry oyster with seaweed ($28.95); braised goose feet with fish maw ($38.95); sauteed egg white with seafood ($28.95); crispy milk with scallop, dry squid, and shrimp ($32.95); and diced seafood in a lettuce wrap ($18.95)."

2011 Feb press

Eddie Huang of BaoHaus calls us "Can-ton of fun"


"All the chefs know about Oriental Garden. It’s the best Cantonese banquet food — weddings, birthday parties, special occasions; you have to go here. It really has the best range of fresh seafood — a lot of high-ticket items that most other restaurants won’t even carry. Cantonese food is known for its exotic ingredients — and very few restaurants are able to deliver food of this quality. Everything is always fresh — they have live king crab, giant steamed oysters and other items you don’t usually see."

2011 Feb press

TimeOut NY puts us on their "Best Chinese Restaurants"


"The first thing you see at Oriental Garden are the crabs waving their claws in a front-window tank. That’s a good sign, for this Chinatown stalwart-done up in the requisite dining-hall decor and bright lighting-specializes in fresh, Cantonese-style seafood."

2010 Feb press

We're David Chang's "go-to restaurant"! (Momofuku)

Fodor’s: What are some of your favorite restaurants in the city?

DC: For sushi, I go to Sushi Yasuda and 15 East. Matsugen has amazing soba.

I think one of the best places to take someone meaningful is Per Se. There’s no question about that. All the usual suspects are great. … But my go-to restaurant is Oriental Garden.

Fodor’s: What do you usually get at Oriental Garden?

DC: There’s so much. That’s one restaurant where it definitely helps to know what to order. I love the Peking pork chops. Anything that is Cantonese is quite delicious there. I know that many people think that Chinese food here in New York sucks compared to L.A. and Hong Kong but I think Oriental Garden is quite good and very consistent.

The one thing that I order a lot at Oriental Garden is the Lobster Country Style over e-fu noodles [Asian wheat noodles]. It’s a whole lobster that’s been chopped up and cooked with some egg, and some minced pork, and some vegetables and it’s almost like this gravy and they pour it over e-fu noodles, which are essentially braised noodles that are spongy and delicious. It’s one of my favorite things to eat in New York City right now.

2009 Oct press

New York Magazine

NY Mag

"When a bare-bones Chinatown restaurant gets regular visits from chefs like David Bouley, you know it’s doing something right. The raucous main dining room teems with waiters squeezing between tables and toting plates of exceptionally fresh seafood plucked from the restaurant’s fish tanks…"

2009 Oct press

7 Recommended Dim Sum Restaurants in New York City


"Excellent dim sum options for folks who like seafood, as this is their specialty. Here, dim sum is prepared to offer, which ensures higher quality offerings, despite missing out on the experience of the Hong Kong style pushcarts."

2007 Jun press